Iranian art has one of the deepest art heritages and it embodies many disciplines from architecture to music. The Iranian art world has been crafted by modern and contemporary elements that make it’s cultural community a very unique collaboration.
Iran’s music scene has conquered a unique sound of musical instruments filled with lyrical references to the growing culture of the Middle East. Early Iran music has become some of the first examples for many of the global sounds heard today.
Reliefs, sculptures, and mosaics depict a vibrant musical culture. But this nation’s musical history dates back to the contemporary influence that brought Persian music to order an opening of a “House of Crafts,” where all master craftsmen gathered to design instruments and practice their art in private.
Painting and Miniature
Painting in Iran is considered to have met it’s climax during the Tamerlane era when pioneers such as Kamaleddin Behzad brought a new style of painting to the mainstream. Many Iranian painting works took persuasion from a collection of international influences, mostly European.
But it was masters like Kamal-ol-molk who continued the European influence in Iran. It was during the Qajar era when “Coffee House painting” was brought to light. Subjects who practiced this style were often religious in nature.
رضا مصطفوی طباطبایی
The Persian Rug

Persian rugs are engrained into Iranian culture. Weavers will mix a vast array of colors and patterns. Common themes include patterns and colors that make up flowers, birds, and beasts. Some of the more prevalent colors seen on Persian tapestries are made from wild flowers and consist shades of navy blue, ivory, and burgundy. The fabric is typically washed the rug its unique quality.

رضا مصطفوی طباطبایی persian rug
Persian literature is a great platform to begin to understand Iranian intellect. But it’s poetry where the Iranian literature has planted its roots. Building over hundreds of years, Iranian poetry was imitated throughout neighboring cultures. Although there’s a direct reflection between the community changes of Iran and the direction of domestic literature. As you can see, the art of Iran changes to positively impact that drastic cultural changes that may be happening simultaneously.